Saturday, 8 September 2012

Life is life, fight for it.

Went to Mall of Asia with my brother, sister, Radley, Niko, Migoy, Vic and Kyle. Good thing, Radley and I went out together after 1 week :). So... visited some awesome stores as well. We enjoyed the day and after that, me and family had dinner at Rockwell. :)

My oxfords from Peanut butter and Jeri and Radley's Black Aztec Platform form Mundo

At Uniqlo

Rad's :)

Guess who's in the car!!! :) Hello Migoy, Niko, Kyle, Vic and Nana

Goin' crazy because of the pizza!!! :))))

Hello Kyleeeee!!! 


Here's what I wore. :) Top : Thrifted || Shorts : Metro Dept. Store

Socks : Oxygen || Shoes : Peanut butter and Jeri 


Have a good weekend!!! :))

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